Conductive Education

Conductive Education  is an educational philosophy and methodology developed in Hungary at the Peto Institute for children with motor impairments, in particular Cerebral Palsy.  

At Belmore School we have adapted the principles of C.E. to  suit our students and our culture.  We use consistent, repetitive language to help the students to control their movements.  The movement sequence is broken down to small achievable tasks focusing on transfers, standing to sitting, sitting to standing, sitting to lying, rolling over, lying to sitting, sitting balance, standing balance, moving one limb in isolation or both together etc.  

The program is a lot of fun with familiar songs to set the tempo.  Each student has a helper who assists them when they need it, but the emphasis is on the child initiating as much movement as possible.  The group work together and follow the leader, however expectations vary for the individual.  All the children enjoy the sessions while having quite a work out and a good stretch.   Most students attend a full morning of C.E., which consists of a lying program and a sitting program.

All C.E. sessions have two teachers and a least one therapist often working with the children.  The consistent language of C.E. is used across the school for transfers, not just in the C.E. classes.






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