The hydrotherapy/swimming program is an important and very enjoyable component of the school curriculum. There are many recognized benefits for the students at Belmore School which include:

Supporting Individual learning goals in the aquatic environment

  • Increasing muscular relaxation and decreasing pain due to warmth and support
  • Minimising risk of contractures and deformities by the increased movement options possible
  • Increasing muscle strength and endurance
  • Enhancing balance and movement skills
  • Supporting access to life long learning and increased recreation options

All sessions are led by suitably qualified Physiotherapists and/ or Health and Wellbeing Specialist Teacher who collaborate to develop and review targeted programs for each student.

All classes have a timetabled session each week where they begin with learning water familiarisation and safety skills. They use a variety of flotation devices and equipment to support and facilitate them in their own way of floating or swimming. This adds fun to the learning process! Some students are practicing pre-swimming activities in preparation for learning freestyle and backstroke.