Individual Education Plans

Belmore School provides a unique curriculum that caters for our students’ learning and capabilities and offers flexibility for teachers to tailor their teaching in ways that provide rigorous, relevant and engaging learning and assessment opportunities for our students.

The adopted Victorian Curriculum is the benchmark for the Belmore School curriculum which involves the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship. This curriculum provides the guidelines for Belmore School to develop the whole-school teaching and learning plans and reporting student learning achievement, information on curriculum planning and assessment, curriculum area-specific advice, and professional learning opportunities.

Our students’ Individual Learning Plan (ILP) goals are formulated under the heading of the learning areas of the Victorian Curriculum, supporting teachers to analysis and report the students’ learning progress as prescribed in the Achievement Standards of the Curriculum. This provision will highlight areas of learning and performance which might require further attention in a more diverse and lateral approach.

How Belmore is different

Belmore School has two learning centres, namely the Primary Learning Centre (PLC) and the Secondary Learning centre (SLC). The PLC focus is on the five curriculum areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education and Personal and Social capability. Some of the learning areas, such as technology, Humanities and Science are delivered through the Integrated Units of work.

The SLC has the Core+ curriculum which includes the Pathway stage which leading towards the Post School options and planning. The Core learning areas of English, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, personal and Social Capabilities, and Science. The Core+ learning outcomes will be delivered in the format of Integrated Units of Work include areas of Visual Art, Music, The Humanities, Technology, and Critical and Creative Thinking. For our Transition Year 11 to 12 students, the Victorian Work Curriculum has been implemented to support students to plan for their post school options.

Belmore School implements the Comprehensive Literacy Instructional model in combination with the Assistive Augmentative Communication method to deliver English learning and to promote and enhance communicative skills of our students. This whole school approach is systematic in its delivery and presenting data which is sustainable in recording our students’ performance and progress.

Both the learning centres have sessions where students are streamed into different focus groups. Students work intensively on their specific learning goals through highly motivating activities and explicit approach or strategies to further enhance their learning, interests and skills.

Extra-curricular activities including incursions and excursions promote students’ awareness of self and community. They learn through first-hand and hands on experiences. Learning through different senses and sensory needs are relevant and important for some students’ learning process.

Belmore School endeavour to involve students in their learning through functional and regular practice. With a small staff and student ratio that maximise and intensify students’ learning.

Belmore School offers innovative and stimulating curriculum programs based on the DET curriculum for students at Victorian schools, the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.

Teachers, therapists and families work closely to develop and implement student individual and class programs which meet the learning needs of each student in the areas of Communication, English, Maths, ICT, Music & Visual Arts, and Health & Physical Education [which includes physical programs such as Perceptual Motor Programs, and gross motor programs as well as individual physical programs, aquatics programs, community based programs, and personal & independence skills.