Medical Support

Belmore School Nurses

An integral part of the Allied Health support provided at Belmore School is our team of Registered Nurses – Marcia and Carmel.

Our Division 1 Registered Nurses are in attendance for the full school day to ensure our students’ health care needs are met to enable them to access their full learning potential in their educational programs.  Our nurses are able to respond to both long term issues and more acute emergencies as they present themselves during the school term.  The nurses are able to support all our varied health challenges to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for our students and staff.

Our nurses are responsible for ensuring our school complies with all DET policies governing student health and provision of first aid – particularly in the administration of medication and management of anaphylaxis.  The nurses also train our staff in the provision of first aid response and this year have focussed on understanding and managing epilepsy, CPR training and emergency anaphylaxis management response.