Occupational Therapy

Belmore School employs two Occupational Therapists to design, implement and deliver Occupational Therapy programs for all students.

Each classroom has an Occupational Therapist that works on individualised programs with students as well as in group-based programs with a number of students.

The Occupational Therapy Program aims to promote students educational learning outcomes through planned and creative occupational based activities.

Occupational Therapists help our students to develop their independence with regard to daily living skills; including meal times, toileting and access to classroom programs.

Belmore School Occupational Therapists also focus on upper limb function and management, hand writing, splinting, behavioural strategies, environmental modification and equipment prescription to support our students to access all their educational activities.

All Occupational Therapy programs are individually tailored and developed following completion of comprehensive individualised assessments, observations and consultation with teachers and parents to ensure that they are in line with each student’s educational goals as detailed in their Individual Learning Plan.

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