Personal and Social Learning

Our integrated approach to education and therapy supports all areas outlined in the Personal and Social Capability of the Victorian curriculum. Students are encouraged and empowered to engage in a range of learning and social activities including (but not limited to) recognising and developing emotional self-regulation skills, developing empathy and social skills, understanding and promoting healthy relationships with peers, making own responsible decisions, life skills such as cooking and money management, to be able to work independently and with friends in a group context, to develop resilience and skills to handle conflicts and more.

At Belmore School, our priority is to support and prepare our students to be best they can be and to become young confident and creative individuals perusing own potential to its fullest. We aim to prepare our students for adult life with optimal foundations and life skills. To achieve this, to believe in partnership with parents and work with both students and families from the very first start at Belmore School until the graduation year.