Physiotherapy Program

Belmore School employs two Physiotherapists to design, implement and deliver physical development and mobility programs for all students.

Each classroom has a Physiotherapist that works on individualised programs with students as well as in group-based programs with a number of students.

The Physiotherapy program aims to maximise each student’s physical ability through the implementation of a variety of planned and creative gross motor based activities. Programs are delivered in our fully equipped gymnasium, our onsite aquatics centre and through an integrated approach in classroom programs.

Belmore School Physiotherapists are experienced in supporting students with a variety of physical disabilities and work to ensure that each student performs to their potential at school in order to maximise their opportunities for learning.

Our Physiotherapists will assess the student’s physical skills and work with teachers, education support staff and parents to integrate the development of the student’s physical skills into their daily school program and at home, by setting achievable and functional goals.

All physiotherapy programs are individually tailored and developed following completion of comprehensive individualised assessments, observations and consultation with teachers and parents to ensure that they are in line with each student’s educational goals as detailed in their Individual Learning Plan.

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