Speech Therapy

Speech Pathologists at Belmore School design, implement and deliver speech and communication therapy support for all students. They support the development of language, social skills, speech, voice, fluency, eating, drinking, and augmentative and alternative forms of communication (AAC).

Every classroom has a Speech Pathologist that works collaboratively with the school staff and families to support students in engaging with the curriculum in the classroom and actively participating in all learning opportunities. This involves individualised assessment and joint goal setting with their Team Around the Learner.

At Belmore School there is a great focus around ensuring students are able to access and enhance their engagement in the school curriculum through the implementation of AAC systems. AAC systems may include symbol systems such as Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display communication books (PODD) and aided language displays, speech generating devices, Key Word Sign or other informal communication strategies. The Speech Pathologists follow a collaborative approach with the Team Around the Learner to assess each AAC system for every student to enhance their ability to develop their language and social skills. Support is also provided to education staff and families in implementing these AAC systems.

The Speech Pathologists at Belmore work towards expanding student’s communication and social skills through providing meaningful opportunities to express themselves throughout the day. The ultimate goal is to encourage the students of Belmore School to build communication autonomy.

The Belmore Speech Pathologists also provide support around mealtimes by assessing and implementing an individual mealtime plan which is monitored by a Speech Pathologist and education and training is provided where appropriate.

The Speech Pathologists work alongside the other therapy and specialist services at Belmore School to ensure all students are able to achieve all of their learning goals.