Speech Therapy

Belmore School employs two Speech Pathologists to design, implement and deliver speech and communication therapy programs for all students.

Each classroom has a Speech Pathologist that works on individualised programs with students as well as in group-based programs with a number of students.

The Speech Pathology program aims to promote students educational learning outcomes through the implementation of planned and creative speech and communication based activities.

Speech Pathologists help our students with their expressive communication, understanding of language, speech development as well as their swallowing, eating and drinking skills.

Belmore School Speech Pathologists also assess and explore a range of communication means, both high-tech (electronic) and low-tech (books and aided language displays) to help build students understanding of their environment and their ability to communicate meaningfully within it.

All speech and communication programs are individually tailored and developed following completion of comprehensive individualised assessments, observations and consultation with teachers and parents to ensure that they are in line with each student’s educational goals outlined in their Individual Learning Plan.

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