A parents perspective…

It was an agonising decision – which school would be best for Jed? After seeing many schools both mainstream an specialist, we chose Belmore School and since his first day at school I have never once regretted it.

I decided a specialist school was the better option, compared to mainstream because of a number of factors. Foremost was my wish to see Jed believe in himself just the way he is – different but primarily kind, loving an funny. I wanted him to experience being understood not by one person (such as an aide) but by an entire school community. Through the experience of being collectively understood I knew a sense of belonging would develop. If you belong you thrive. If you thrive you learn and that is exactly what Jed has done.

I have come to accept that Jed will always need help with learning and everyday life. It gives me hope that with a school and family acceptance that he will continue to believe what I tell him every morning. ‘You are perfect just the way you are’ and from that belief in self he will go on to meet the unknown challenges ahead….

Sharon Shelley

I love that I can send Hannah to school knowing that her medical needs are being met at the same time as her educational need.

The small class sizes has meant that Hannah can experience the true meaning of an individual learning plan.

Hannah struggled to learn at the pace of her mainstream peers for the first two years of primary school but we have now found a great balance of 3 day at Belmore School and 2 days at the local mainstream school. Hannah is more relaxed without the pressure to keep up.

Having both the educational needs and the physical needs being met at school (teachers and allied health working together) has given us more relaxed time together as a family rather than having to always rush to after school appointments.

Donna Goldsmith

It was very hard looking for a school for Megan. Although logically we knew she was disabled, it made it seem all the more real when investigating special schools.

Right from the start Belmore School staff made us feel welcome and their dedication to the wellbeing of the students was very evident.

Megan’s individual needs were looked at and catered for. She was helped in all aspects to make her the most capable, confident and happy person she could be.

I would highly recommend Belmore School, if you want an amazing environment, extremely capable and loving staff and the best possible outcome for your child.

Paula Clements