Therapy Support at Belmore School

Belmore School provides therapeutic support complimentary to all educational programs offered in line with the Victorian Curriculum. The school employs a highly experienced paediatric Allied Health professionals who are all extremely passionate about promoting students’ best learning outcomes.

The therapy team is a multi-disciplinary team comprises of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and a Registered Music Therapist. The therapy team aims to support and to promote students’ participation in all educational programs through the embedment of therapeutic interventions within the context of teaching and learning to optimise communication, learning, functional, emotional and occupational skills.

Our therapists work alongside classroom teachers and education support staff to co-plan and deliver an integrated approach to education and therapy. All planning and programs development are based on outcome-based approach directed toward the achievement of all goals outlined in students’ Individual Education Plans.

All therapy support are evidence-based practices following assessment and observations of students’ needs. All identified best-practice strategies for each student are documented in creatively designed profiles to enable cross-training to all staff working with each student.


Our Physiotherapists assess, evaluate, design and deliver physical development and mobility programs. The physiotherapy program aims to maximise each student’s physical ability through the implementation of variety of planned and creative gross motor based activities. All programs are delivered in our fully equipped gymnasium, aquatics centre and through an integrated approach in classroom programs.

Our Physiotherapists are experienced in supporting students with a variety of physical disabilities and work to ensure that each student performs to their potential in order to maximise opportunities for learning.

Physiotherapy support includes assessing the student’s physical skills and work with teachers, education support staff and parents to integrate the development of the student’s physical skills into their daily programs by setting achievable and functional goals. All programs are individually tailored and aligned with the student’s Individual Education Plan.

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Speech Therapy

Our Speech Pathologists assess, evaluate and develop students’ receptive and expressive communication abilities. This include the assessment and prescription of appropriate Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) for each student such as PODD Book.

The Speech Pathology program aims to maximise students’ communication through an individualised meaningful system. The Speech Pathology program also aims to enhance language and literacy skills through the implementation of variety of planned and communication-based activities.

Our Speech Pathologists are experienced in supporting all students Meal Time Assistance (MTA) requirements and conduct routinely MTA assessment and observations to ensure all meal time requirements have been met through a carefully designed MTA program.

Our Speech Pathologists are also experienced in provision of social skills and emotional regulation programs such as Zones of Regulations as part of Personal and Social Capability programs.

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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists assess, evaluate, design and deliver Occupational Therapy programs. This includes the assessment of fine motor, occupational, play and social skills.

The Occupational Therapy program aims to maximise each student’s occupational skills such as play skills, hand writing skills and emotional regulation (Zones of Regulations) through a careful assessment and designed outcome-focused programs aligned with the Individual Education Plan.

Our Occupational Therapists are experienced in supporting students with a varletry of disabilities and help to develop their independence with regards to functional living skills including meal times, toileting and access to both classroom and community settings.

Our Occupational Therapists also focus on upper limb function and management, handwriting and modification including the prescription of equipment to the classroom setting.

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Music Therapy

Our Registered Music Therapist (RMT) design, implement and deliver music therapy programs. The music therapy program aims to promote the students’ engagement and learning through the planned and creative use of music-based activities. Provision of music-based activities can promote students’ overall wellbeing and engagement with their surroundings.

Our music therapist is experienced in supporting students with a varletry of disabilities and help to develop their independence, wellbeing and engagement. This is provided through the application of techniques such as singing and writing songs, movement to music, dancing, instrument playing, action songs, sensory-based activities and vocal play. All music therapy programs are inclusive of all latest technology-based activities to music making and tuning to sound.

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Our school is fortunate to have a swimming pool where we can offer our students hydrotherapy program complimentary to all physical programs. Our physiotherapists are working alongside our Specialist Aquatics Instructor to promote all students physical development through a carefully tailored and designed individualised Aquatics program incorporative of hydrotherapy strategies to optimise students’ gross motor and mobility.

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Our school is fortunate to have a sensory room where we can offer our students both group and one to one sensory-based programs to promote all students sensory experiences. Our occupational therapists assess all students’ sensory needs and in consultations with their families and teaching staff designed and individually tailored sensory programs to enhance students’ sensory regulations and enhances senses of wellbeing.

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