Intensive Interaction

Intensive Interaction is a method of relating to and communicating with people who are non-verbal. It focuses on the student’s own preferred method of relating to others and is led by the student so it looks different in each case.

The aim is to build on the individual’s communication skills and develop their repertoire of interactions with a familiar partner. This often looks like play as it involves our students doing what they like best. They are engaged and obviously happy having one to one attention from an adult who is following their lead.

This method has been very well researched by leading academics working in the disability field here and overseas and results are amazing. In addition to improvement in communication we also often find that the student becomes more settled, much happier and engaged in their other school programs.

The protocols set in place ensure that detailed records are kept, behaviour analysed and progress monitored. Video footage is used to enable staff to work together to improve their performance and discuss ways to help our students to develop communication skills.

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